HAB™ Heavy‑duty Army Boot

Military performance in an everyday shoe

Intended for the harshest outdoor and combat conditions, these heavy-duty boots are at home in the most demanding terrain. Overcome mud, rain, snow, and swamps with this classic army boots.

Solid Sole

A durable, grippy, self-cleaning and shock-absorbent two-layer polyurethane sole delivers serious performance across all terrains. Combined with a heavy-duty bonding process, high heat tolerance, (248° F) and oil resistance, our soles are ready to conquer whatever the world throws your way.

Warm Weather Ready

Intended for use in hot climates, these boots are suited to temperatures between 68°F and 104 °F. Offering a great footwear solution for summer/desert operations in hot climates.

Ergonomic Design

A modern design and ergonomic cut help distribute weight across the entire foot and reduces rubbing – delivering greater comfort in demanding conditions. These versatile boots can be utilized in three seasons, striking the perfect balance between weight and performance.

Materials Matter

We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last and manufactured with a quality you can rely on.

O. B.
30 Apr 2020
The boots took about two weeks to arrive, but I can see the superior quality. They are very comfortable and I notice my feet don’t sweat in them 🙏
05 Feb 2020
To be honest, I stubled upon these boots randomly while browsing the internet. They are, as the names says, heavy duty, and have taken a beating during the six months I had them working on the ranch. They are still in good condition, and as comfotable as ever, but the laces needed to be changed. The ventilation inside the boot is very good, but you need to wear cotton socks. Apparently, anything else I try just sticks to my foot and becomes brittle quickly. For as long as I have used 100% cotton socks, I haven't had a single blister. Now, working with horses often leaves your boots a mess, and cleaning the soles is something I'm used to. But, with these there is no daub sticcking to the bottom and a off time rinse is all they need. The sole is firmer than regular farm boots, but hasn't degraded at all for as long as I have them. From what it seems, with good care, these boots will last me for years.

HAB™ Heavy‑duty Army Boot

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