VMP™ Hook & Loop Magazine Pouch

The perfect ammunition storage solution for hook and loop vests and panels

Add storage space for additional ammunition to your hook and loop vest with our magazine set holder.

With a lightweight design and elastic retention system, this system offers secure and easily accessible storage of various magazine sizes.

Functional Storage

Designed to securely hold three magazines, the pouch is perfectly cut to function with classic hook and loop secured ballistic vests. Fitting perfectly on top of the strap retention panel, the pouch does not interfere with opening/closing the vest.

Customize Your Rig

Attaching via large hook and loop panels, this magazine pouch quickly secures to a variety of hook and loop surfaces, including body armor and tactical bags. Despite the fast and super simple mounting process, our magazine pouches stay securely in place, even during physically demanding tasks.


This heavy-duty universal magazine pouch belongs in every combat kit, allowing you to store easily accessible various calibers ammunition at your fingertips, such as 5.56×45, 5.45×39, 7.62×39.

25 May 2020
don’t trust Velcro by default but this seems really sturdy didn’t abuse it too much but I was running with three full clips and it didn’t even wiggle
ben hodgson
03 May 2020
I liked it 👍
20 Apr 2020
Just what I was looking for. Simple, easy, and I don’t need to carry them around every time. They do tend to be misplaced, so take care.

VMP™ Hook & Loop Magazine Pouch

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