MPCM™ Metropolis Plate Carrier MOLLE (Carrier)

Simplicity meets functionality for the urban battlefield

The culmination of intuitive design and robust materials.

MPCM™ offers the lowest weight and highest ergonomic functionality in its class. Featuring only the most essential design elements, it is a seriously dependable and easy to use personal armor solution.

Designed For Function

Designed for efficiency and functionality, MPCM™ features an intuitive design – placing everything you need where it needs to be. In a critical situation, you will be able to respond faster and with more confidence.

Efficiency First

Dual Fastex buckles allow for rapid fastening and unfastening of the cummerbund with minimal force and sound. Once properly adjusted, our buckle system allows for an instant fit every time – saving you precious time.

Additional Super-Efficient Ventilation

Engineered to provide maximum comfort, MPCM™ utilized breathable materials and padded panels – allowing for maximum breathability and airflow. This careful attention to design helps you stay comfortable around the clock, letting you focus on the mission at hand.


Materials Matter

We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last and manufactured with a quality you can rely on.

Tech specs

Available armor upgrade

Soft Armor Panels

Hard Armor Plates
Compatible plates

SAPI/ESAPI cut Each of 4 vest sizes (S-XL) match proper size of 4 sizes of the plates Up to 1” (30 mm) thickness

Cummerbunds options



Cordura®, Murdock Webbing, Texcel.
MIL-SPEC standards, NIR (near-infrared) materials Валентин Преображенский
18 Jul 2020
This is amazing, I work with BEAR division clearing out homeless people that loot run down places, and lemme tell ya this thing makes me feel snug and secure and holds my plates the best. Im sad I got a 9x18 slugged into it and now its torn open but other than that it works great!
24 Jun 2020
Probably my best PC. It has all of the options of an army vest but you can wear it with a soft plates all day without it bothering
Denny S
07 May 2020
I might be a big boy, but there just isn’t enough cummerbund to go around. I ordered a side piece and hope that will do the trick.

MPCM™ Metropolis Plate Carrier MOLLE (Carrier)

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