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RPC™ Robust Plate Carrier (Carrier)

Designed for the most hostile environments and toughest missions

The perfect tool for anyone working in hostile environments.

Designed with uncompromising durability and flexibility in mind. NIR and MIL-SPEC materials, custom soft armor inlays, and optional up-armoring modules make the RPC™ vest among the safest on the market.

Add Extra Protection

Our optional armored cummerbund, neck, shoulder, intestine and groin modules are the perfect solution for high threat environments. Increase your effective armor area to suit the needs of your mission – ensuring the highest level of ballistic protection.

Industry Standard

Our vests/plate carriers are compatible with SAPI/ESAPI plates, following the industry standard for maximum comfort and function. Make sure that your plate size corresponds to the size of your vest for an effective and compatible fit – an essential step to building the perfect rig.

Additional Super-Efficient Ventilation

Designed to be worn day in and day out, ventilated panels, padded loadbearing points and premium multilayered liners deliver superior comfort and thermal management – helping you fight longer and harder.



We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last and manufactured with a quality you can rely on.


NIR (near-infrared) materials significantly reduce your detectable heat signature, aiding in camouflage from enemy night visioning systems. Blend into your environment and safely execute your mission without being detected.

21 Aug 2020
Everything you need, nothing you don't.
25 Jun 2020
didn't know what to think when they arrived, because it looked ''Army-like'' and not army issue seems that someone who served did make these because they work probably better then the molle vest
02 Jun 2020
already own the weightless PC, thought that I will draw more used from this one, but nah. it’s a bit too much and I’m only keeping it in case of the upcoming apocalypse 😅

RPC™ Robust Plate Carrier (Carrier)

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