Protect yourself from all angles
SUFA™ Side Up Face Armor
Increase Your Protection up to 12%.
Your temples are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body – making even small fragmentation potentially deadly. Adapt to the battlefield and help protect your temples from explosive fragmentation with our lightweight SUFA™ armor module. This unique feature seriously increases protection without compromising systems or adding significant weight.
Product features
Match Your Threat
Adapt To Your Environment
Our helmet ballistic panels cover a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to explosive fragmentation – find which protection level suits your needs.
Simpler Than Simple
Easy Attachment
SUFA™ can be easily and quickly mounted to our HCBH™ Helmet via the side attachment points. Despite its simplicity, once properly attached these side panels stay firmly in place, creating an extremely secure mount to the helmet and keeping you protected in the harshest conditions.
It's your best friend
Know Your Armor
Your armor could save your life, so know it like the back of your hand. Composed of a molded Teijin Twaron® aramid ballistic fabric, and protective hardshell exterior to handle impact and moisture. This design combination ensures superior durability and longevity in combat conditions.


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SUFA™ Side Up Face Armor
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