UPC™ Ultralight Plate Carrier (Carrier)


Made for swift urban combat

The UPC™ is made to meet modern urban fighting conditions, reducing the weight as much as possible while retaining maximum combat capabilities, protection, and versatility. By taking only what you need into combat, you will increase your agility and extend your endurance. Super lightweight (0.75 lbs / 340 grams) and stylish plate carrier. Must have in your gear portfolio.

Extremely Low Weight

New technology and design allow the UPC™ to have an unprecedented low weight. With all features combines, it will only add 12 ounces to your overall gear, paling in comparison with even some auxiliary equipment.


  • 1.Unique and modern design and appearance
  • 2.Lightest in its class – 40% lighter than the LPC™ and 30% from the other industry-leading manufacturers
  • 3.Minimalistic and highly durable laser cut design with advanced materials and expert craftsmanship
  • 4.Increased reliability with a reduced number of seams
  • 5.Shoulder and sides ambidextrous quick-release ROC (tubes) system
  • 6.16 size combinations to perfectly fit the operator
  • 7.The vest comes in 4 sizes, each corresponding to the 4 standards SAPI/ESAPI sizes
  • 8.4 sizes of 3 types of modular cummerbund: Skeletal (lightweight), Pocket (soft armor and hard side armor compatible), and Elastic (better fit)
  • 9.NIR (Near-Infrared) materials reduce detection from thermal and infrared cameras
  • 10.Balanced weight with ergonomic fitting
  • 11.Design prevents gear-conflict
  • 12.Compatible Chest Rig attachments
  • 13.Lightweight and soft shoulder pads with ventilation
  • 14.Front and back Velcro® panels for ID attachments
  • 15.Interior attachment for EVV™ Exchangeable Vest Ventilation
  • 16.A full array of gear attachment PALS loops on both the back and the front
  • 17.Compatible with 8 modules of FAS™ Full Armor System
  • 18.Special skeletal cummerbund reinforced with polymer plastic to retain shape both when loaded and unloaded
05 Jul 2020
lighter than my shirt under it. IDK how the pouches will fit, but so far it might be my favorite option for a PC
10 Jun 2020
I have the WPC from UARM and I took this one because of the MOLLE loops advise everyone to carry the ventilation pad under it, as it is more comfortable, and with that pad and two pouches I don’t think it passes 2 lb
21 May 2020
This should be called the ‘plate holster’ how small it is. Just remember to put the pouches before the plate

UPC™ Ultralight Plate Carrier (Carrier)

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