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Where does body armor go?

Each ballistic insert is designed for use in a specific system. The most common of which are for plate carriers and ballistic vests – the go-to solution for military, police and security forces. These systems rely upon two armor inserts, protecting the heart and lungs via the chest and back. Applicable rigs can also be upgraded with additional ballistic modules – increasing the area of protection. Here are some of the ballistic modules available for sale
  • Cummerbund
  • Collarbone
  • Shoulder
  • Groin
  • Stomach
  • Neck 
For those looking to incorporate ballistic protection into everyday life, we also offer lightweight ballistic inserts designed for use in backpacks and bags. This low-key component is capable of transforming virtually any bag into a capable ballistic shield – ideal for maintaining preparedness in every environment. 

What are the levels of body armor?

Body armor is available in various protection levels with NIJ IIa being the lowest, and NIJ IV the highest. Each additional protection level is capable of stopping the stated ballistic threats, and those of the lower classes below it. 
  • Level II – Small Handguns: 9mm FMJ RN / 40 S&W FMJ RN
  • Level IIIa – Large Handguns: .357 Mag / .357 Sig / .44 Mag / 9mm FMJ RN
  • Level III – Standard Rifles: 7.62mm NATO FMJ / 5.56mm / .30 Carbine
  • Level IV – Armor Piercing / RIfle: .30 CALIBER M2AP / .30-06

What is soft body armor?

As the name implies, soft armor is a flexible ballistic solution that easily conforms to the body – allowing greater flexibility and range of movement. These incredibly thin and lightweight ballistic panels are made from high-tech UHMWPE – providing the perfect balance between protection and comfort. Thanks to these factors soft armor components are able to protect more areas such as the neck and shoulders. Capable of stopping rounds from a wide assortment of handguns and pistols, soft armor is the primary choice of police forces in the USA.

Body armor inserts: how to select?

Before you choose your armor type and level you must consider your environment, line of work, and threat level. For those working in openly hostile environments hard armor plates at the go-to solution – capable of protecting against rifles and other high-powered guns.  For protection against handguns and pistols, soft armor panels are ideal for around the clock use thanks to their added comfort. Easily comforting to the body, soft armor is also perfect for use in covert vests and carriers – easily hiding under regular clothing.   If you are looking to buy armor for an existing carrier/vest system be sure to select a panel of compatible size. 
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