BB™ Ballistic Briefcase


Turn your essential business briefcase into a ballistic shield at a moment’s notice.

In only 1 second, this stylish case can expand into almost 4 ft² of anti-rifle ballistic protection while you take your gun from the pocket in the back.


Our armor plates cover a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to high-powered rifles – find which protection level suits your needs.

Level III+ means that, as well as protecting from all threats included in the NIJ 0101.06 Level III and all threats from lower levels, these plates will prevent penetration from AK-47, AK-74, AKM rifle rounds such as 7.62×39 57-N-231 Steel Core FMJ, 5.45×39 7N6 Steel Core FMJ.

Business Briefcase – Shield in Disguise

Buy turning from a sleek business briefcase to a large ballistic shield in a matter of moments, the BB™ briefcase offers instant cover in urban environments, protecting from handgun rounds and fragmentation. This adaptability makes this product perfect for bodyguards and those dealing with VIPs.

Maximum Coverage

A bullet can be deadly, regardless of where it hits. Maintaining a folded size of a 15″ laptop, BB™ can rapidly be deployed to shield the entire body from handgun threats in only a matter of seconds.

Every Second Matters

Deploy the BB™ by pulling up on the front panel, allowing a chain of connected ballistic panels to spring out in under a second. This creates a personal ballistic shield at a moment’s notice.

Functional Storage

BB™ features a large central container, providing secure and easily accessible storage space for a tablet, documents, or sidearm. This space allows you to effectively incorporate the briefcase into your everyday life while also combining active and passive protection.

Materials matter

We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last – manufactured with a quality you can rely upon.


  • 1.Discreet and stylish business briefcase for personal and VIP protection
  • 2.Deployable in 1 second
  • 3.Maximum 3.90 ft² of ballistic protection when deployed
  • 4.Equipped with lightweight UHMWPE NIJ 0101.06 Type III hard plates
  • 5.Available in 2 sized and can include between 2 and 4 armor plates
  • 6.Each plate has a multi-hit capacity of over 6 shots
  • 7.Useful internal storage for documents, tablets, or concealed carry
  • 8.0% animal cruelty, made from 100% artificial leather
  • 9.Independently tested in an NIJ-accredited laboratory for NIJ Standard 0101.06, as well as certified laboratories according to DSTU 8835:2019 against Soviet/Russian ammunition
22 Jun 2020
You need some time to adjust to the weight, but the mechanism works good and the protection area is more than enough
Helmuth Scholl
10 May 2020
I have minor gripes with the lack of color choices and a slightly older design, but I realize those are not why I bought this bag. The weight is more than a regular briefcase, but it is manageable, and there is enough space inside. Learning how it works is easy and I have the general idea how to protect myself if needed. Also, the customer support was very helpful, and explained a lot about how the item works and what are my options


Q: Can I use the BB™ as a shield for offensive operations?

A: Yes.
While it is completely possible to use the BB™ Ballistic Briefcase as an offensive tool, it was designed as a defensive measure, making it more effective in defense.

Q: Does the level of protection of the case increases when it is folded?

A: Probably.
While there is no standardized testing to check how much more ballistic protection more NIJ Level III plates offer, more is definitely better than one. Although unknown if it would stop anti-material rifles every time, each plate will retain its multi-hit capability separately.

Q: Do fewer plates reduce the level of protection?

A: No.
Using fewer plates will only reduce the area of protection when the briefcase is deployed.

Q: Can I replace the armor plate myself if it has been damaged?

A: Yes.
It is fairly easy to replace the armor plate yourself. But, you should contact the customer support service on our website to quickly order a new armor plate of the exact size.

Q: Is it possible to use a briefcase that has been hit by a bullet?

A: If you exchange the plates.
You may continue operations with a damaged armor plate due to composite materials that, when damaged, only a tight zone of the armor fails. Undamaged zones still offer ballistic protection. However, you will need to replace the armor plate after the mission as further use is prohibited.

Q: Is it NIJ Certified?

A: This product has been independently tested in NIJ-accredited laboratories according to the NIJ Standard 0101.06, as well as certified laboratories according to the DSTU 8782:2018. against Soviet/Russian ammunition.

BB™ Ballistic Briefcase

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