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UARM plate carriers are the ideal balance between motility, comfort, and ballistic protection. This lightweight armor system is the choice of offensive police, military and security forces around the globe and at home in the USA. Choose from multiple color options, including Multicam and NIR materials to add camouflage functionality to your combat rig. 

What is the best plate carrier?

Every UARM plate carrier is designed with specific tasks and end-users in mind. For those looking to buy a system ready for any mission the LPC™ is ready for anything. A tactical quick release system enables sub-second removal or dressing of the system – significantly decrease your critical reaction time. A favorite of special forces, LPC™ comfortably manages heavy armor plates and a serious equipment payload. 

Are plate carriers bulletproof?

No, plate carriers themselves are not bulletproof. Plate carriers are tactical armor system designed to position hard or soft ballistic armor components to protect vital organs. Find out which armor package is right for you with our ballistic threat guide. 
  • Level II – Small Handguns: 9mm FMJ RN / 40 S&W FMJ RN
  • Level IIIa – Large Handguns: .357 Mag / .357 Sig / .44 Mag / 9mm FMJ RN
  • Level III – Standard Rifles: 7.62mm NATO FMJ / 5.56mm / .30 Carbine
  • Level IV – Armor Piercing / RIfle: .30 CALIBER M2AP / .30-06

Can I customize my armor?

Standard plate carriers provide protection to only the most critical organs – allowing for reduced weight and improved mobility. However, you can select up-armor modules on applicable models – tailoring your rig to match various threat levels with modular cummerbund, neck and groin components. This modularity allows for maximum flexibility, combining the protection area of full ballistic vests and the comfort of plate carriers into one system.  Available up-armor modules 
  • Cummerbund
  • Collarbone
  • Shoulder
  • Groin
  • Stomach
  • Neck 

Where can I mount my equipment? 

Featuring MOLLE panels our plate carriers can be customized to securely carry ammunition, IFAKs, and additional weapons. Adjustable shoulder and cummerbund straps keep your combat kit firmly in place even during – meaning your equipment is always at your fingertips. Whatsmore, convenient Velcro points allow the mounting of insignia and rank – allowing for easy identification.
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