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Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8


Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8
Level 2 body armor 8

What is soft armor?

Made from high-tech and high-strength UHMWPE soft armor is incredibly lightweight, thin, and flexible. But don’t let the name fool you, soft armor is capable of proving serious protection against handguns and ballistic fragmentation.  Thanks to these factors, soft panels easily conform to the body, allowing for use in covert vests. If you are looking to buy a vest for use in a high-mobility environment soft panels are the ideal ballistic solution. The go-to tool of police and security forces in the USA, you can rely on this tried and tested design. 

Which soft body armor panel is best?

When choosing your armor insert it is important to consider your environment, line of work, and threat level. Soft panels are available in three different protective levels and price points – with each additional protection level capable of stopping the stated ballistic threats, and those of the lower classes below it.  Here are the three protection levels to choose from:
  • Level IIa – Small Handguns: 40 S&W FMJ RN
  • Level II – Standard Handguns: 9mm FMJ RN 
  • Level IIIa – Large Handguns: .357 Mag / .357 Sig / .44 Mag

What are the applications of soft armor?

Thanks to its flexible and lightweight nature, soft panels can fulfill many tasks that hard/rigid armor can not. These applications include the use in additional armor modules, allowing for an increased area of protection in combat rigs. These additional soft panels protect vital organs and systems from fragmentation and small-caliber weapons without adding weight or impending movement.  Here are some of the ballistic modules available for sale
  • Cummerbund
  • Collarbone
  • Shoulder
  • Groin
  • Stomach
  • Neck  
For those looking to incorporate ballistic protection into everyday life, we also offer lightweight ballistic inserts designed for use in backpacks and bags. This low-key component is capable of transforming virtually any bag into a tactical bulletproof shield – ideal for maintaining preparedness in every environment. 

Can a civilian buy body armor?

The laws regarding the possession and use of body armor vary greatly depending on your location. Please research local, and national laws/regulations to better help you select the right armor to buy.
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