WPC™ Weightless Plate Carrier


The lightest covert/overt plate carrier compatible with all SAPI armor

Weighing less than an average smartphone, this PC can be worn in covert missions and open combat. Its seamless design ensures a comfortable low profile fit, maximizing movement without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Near Weightless

Weighing less than a smartphone, WPC’s weight is virtually negligible – meaning you can carry more. Designed for concealed carry, WPC is compatible with rigid rifle plates – offering the highest level of quality while being one of the lightest carriers in existence.

Insignia Ready

Despite being fully concealable, WPC features special areas for patch/insignia and badge placement. Identify yourself to friendlies, mark your blood type, and make your affiliation clear for all to see.

Suspended Cummerbund

A specially designed elastic system lets you carry heavier loads while staying comfortable. Elastic braces create an adaptive fit, keeping your load tightly against your body without impeding breathing or movement.

Materials Matter

We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last and manufactured with a quality you can rely on.

Stay Invisible

NIR (near-infrared) materials significantly reduce your detectable heat signature, aiding in camouflage from enemy night visioning systems. Blend into your environment and safely execute your mission without being detected.


  • 1.Lightest plate carrier ever made (5 oz)
  • 2.Power Mesh increases durability
  • 3.Can be worn covertly and overtly
  • 4.NIR (Near-Infrared) materials reduce detection from thermal and infrared cameras
  • 5.Simple settings system allows for quick adjustments at the waist and shoulders
  • 6.Cummerbund elastic insert reduces pressure and improves the fit
  • 7.Velcro® panels for ID patches on the chest
  • 8.The vest comes in 4 sizes, each corresponding to the 4 standards SAPI/ESAPI sizes
  • 9.Compatible with Velcro® Pouches

Tech specs

Available armor upgrade

Soft Armor Panels Front+Back
Hard Armor Plates Front Back

Compatible plates

SAPI/ESAPI cut Each of 4 vest sizes (S-XL) match proper size of 4 sizes of the plates 0.7″ – 1” (17-30 mm) thickness

Cummerbunds options


Alan Whitfield
15 Nov 2021
For those who spend a lot of time outdoors and wish to focus on camping and not protection, this is the vest to go.
Abdulrahman Gardiner
08 Nov 2021
I’m amazed how durable these are. We crawled and mucked around and still there isn’t a schrathc on this one!
Oliwier Needham
01 Nov 2021
This is the only vest on the market I’ve found to be truly covert. I got the new SA3S plates with this, which are fairly thin, and in total it is not more than half an inch.


How to choose my perfect fit size?

By measuring your chest and waist.
Your perfect fit is a combination of the size of the plate and the cummerbund. For that, you will need to measure your chest and waist and can then get an ideal combination.
At the top of the page, there is a Size Chart where you can select the option Determine Size, which will tell you exactly which size will fit your requirements perfectly. You can also check the Size Chart at the Tech Specs.

Which armor plates are best to use with the WPC™?

The WPC™ is designed to work with all SAPI/ESAPI type or Shooters cut plates, with the recommendation to use STA (Stand Alone) type plates for an ideal balance. You can install ICW plates with enough space to install NIJ 0101.06 Type IIIa soft armor inserts.
Ideal plate thickness is between 0.7” (18mm) and 1.1” (28mm).
Make sure the size of the plate matches the size of the vest.

Is it possible to install soft armor inserts instead of hard plates?

Due to the same adaptive system, any Soft Armor Inserts will fit as good as hard plates with no loss in plate carrier’s performance.

Can I install a chest rig and other gear to this vest?

You can install any type of chest rig or additional gear to this vest. But, to ensure the best performance we recommend using only UARM™ gear.

Is the WPC™ vulnerable to external mechanical damage?

The special Power Mesh used in the manufacturing of the plate carrier allows it to be used as a multi-purpose vest. This means that it can be used as an internal carrier for concealed use or as an external plate carrier for outdoor and urban use.

Is WPC™ suitable for field use?

Depending on the conditions, the WPC™ can be used in field operation provided that there is no direct tearing of the carrier such as when crawling. The WPC™ is not designed to be used in harsh conditions of open-field combat.

WPC™ Weightless Plate Carrier

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