MPC™ Metropolis Plate Carrier

Everything you need and not an ounce more

Offering the lowest weight and highest ergonomic functionality in its class, MPC delivers only the very essentials of ballistic protection. The combination of robust materials and intuitive design results in an extremely dependable and easytousepersonal armor solution.

Designed For Function

Designed for efficiency and functionality, MPC features an intuitive design – placing everything you need where it needs to be. In a critical situation, you will be able to respond faster and with more confidence.

Efficiency First

A specially designed elastic cummerbund ensures an adaptive fit, keeping your load tightly pressed against your body without impeding breathing or movement.

Additional Super-Efficient Ventilation

Designed to be worn day in and day out, ventilated panels, padded loadbearing points, and premium multilayered liners deliver superior comfort and thermal management – helping you fight longer and harder.


Materials matter

We follow MIL-SPEC standards and to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last – manufactured with a quality you can rely upon.

Tech specs

Available armor upgrade

Soft Armor Panels

Hard Armor Plates
Compatible plates

SAPI/ESAPI cut Each of 4 vest sizes (S-XL) match proper size of 4 sizes of the plates Up to 1” (30 mm) thickness

Cummerbunds options


Cordura®, Murdock Webbing, Texcel.
MIL-SPEC standards, NIR (near-infrared) materials

Jarvis Vickers
11 Nov 2021
This carrier is way more comfortable than those plate sacks most police departments issue including my own. It is easy on the shoulders and on the front and back, as well as allow for a bit more leeway weightwise while still keeping you safe.
Jorden Blake
21 Oct 2021
This is a crossover between a military and a police vest with benefits from both. I found it to be very comfortable and the fabric breathes, plus there is space to attach a chest rig in the frontradios, pouches and medkits. Overall I’m really satisfied with my purchase.
Keagan Bartlett
15 Aug 2021
I would really like to see an armored cummerbund on this one the same way it attaches to my Metropolis Vest, but if we are taking into account that you would be using hard plates here that might not be an ideal solution. I found the MPC to be very situational, but indispensable when you need to add hard plates quickly.

MPC™ Metropolis Plate Carrier

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