FPC™ Featherweight Plate Carrier


Retain all the qualities of a high-end battlefield vest while reducing the weight

Optimal solution between protection, practicality, and agility, the modular design with integrated ROC (tubes) allows for quick action and a lot of space for your gear. Made from high-end MIL-SPEC/NIR materials, it is ready for all challenges you can encounter.


With the FPC™ Featherweight Plate Carrier, you don’t need to keep everything attached to the plate carrier itself. Rather, you can keep modular equipment fastened to a chest rig and connect that to the carrier once you need it. This way you can exclude unnecessary weight and keep yourself always at optimal mobility.

Superior Ventilation

Designed to be worn day in and day out, ventilated panels, padded loadbearing points, and premium multilayered liners deliver superior comfort and thermal management – helping you fight longer and harder.

Industry Standard

Our vests/plate carriers are compatible with SAPI/ESAPI plates, following the industry standard for maximum comfort and function. Make sure that your plate size corresponds to the size of your vest for an effective and compatible fit – an essential step to building the perfect rig.

Add Extra Protection

Our optional armored neck, shoulder, intestine, and groin modules are the perfect solution for high-threat environments. Increase your total coverage area to suit the needs of your mission – ensuring the highest level of ballistic protection.


The FPC™ is compatible with modular chest rigs, allowing operators to attach additional gear like extended magazines and medkits.

Stay Invisible

NIR (near-infrared) materials significantly reduce your detectable heat signature, aiding in camouflage from enemy night visioning systems. Blend into your environment and safely execute your mission without being detected.


  • 1.Lightweight and adaptable with advanced materials and expert craftsmanship
  • 2.Minimalistic and highly durable laser cut design
  • 3.Shoulder and sides ambidextrous quick-release ROC (tubes) system
  • 4.Evacuation handle on the back
  • 5.16 size combinations to perfectly fit the operator
  • 6.The vest comes in 4 sizes, each corresponding to the 4 standards SAPI/ESAPI sizes
  • 7.4 sizes of 3 types of modular cummerbund: Skeletal (lightweight), Pocket (soft armor and hard side armor compatible), and Elastic (better fit)
  • 8.Durable and adaptable with advanced materials and expert craftsmanship
  • 9.NIR (Near-Infrared) materials reduce detection from thermal and infrared cameras
  • 10.Balanced weight with ergonomic fitting
  • 11.Design prevents gear-conflict
  • 12.Compatible Chest Rig attachments
  • 13.Lightweight and soft shoulder pads with ventilation
  • 14.Front and back Velcro® panels for ID attachments
  • 15.Interior attachment for EVV™ Exchangeable Vest Ventilation
  • 16.A full array of gear attachment PALS loops on both the back and the front
  • 17.Compatible with 8 modules of FAS™ Full Armor System

Tech specs

Available armor upgrade

Soft Armor Panels

Hard Armor Plates
Compatible plates

SAPI/ESAPI cut Each of 4 vest sizes (S-XL) match proper size of 4 sizes of the plates Up to 1” (30 mm) thickness

Cummerbunds options


Cordura®, Velcro®, 2M®, Murdock Webbing, Texcel.
(MIL-SPEC standards, NIR (near-infrared) materials)

Luckie Luke
30 Oct 2021
This will come in handy when the peacekeepers come to light 🔥🔥 in my city!
Danyal Booth
25 Oct 2021
The carrier is very good, but I would argue that it is more for domestic applications. Still, the relationship UARM has to veterans and patriots will probably keep me their customer until the horn of Jericho!
Kaisha Russo
23 Aug 2021
We ordered half a dozen for now for our security firm here in Las Cruces and so far they have been great. Very light and don't collect a lot of heat which was a major factor in our purchase. We will definetly order more and maybe the plates as well if we get a good deal again.


How to choose my perfect fit size?

By measuring your chest and waist.
Your perfect fit is a combination of the size of the plate and the cummerbund. For that, you will need to measure your chest and waist and can then get an ideal combination.
At the top of the page, there is a size chart where you can select the option ‘’Determine Size’’, which will tell you exactly which size will fit your requirements perfectly. You can also check the Size Chart at the Tech Specs.

What is the main difference between the FPC™ and the LPC™?

The FPC™ is the logical and technological continuation of the LPC and is basically an improved version that allows you to use the best in both complex urban situations as well as in extended open battlefields. This is due to the choice between the laser cut and the straps when it comes to the webbing on the chest rig.

Is FPC™ webbing and material reliable?

Very much.
Because of the use of modern composite materials like the Cordura® 1000D and 500D, the outer material of the FPC™ is roughly 300% stronger than most plate carriers.

Is it possible to install ventilation on the FPC™?

The EVV™ Exchangeable Vest Ventilation is a module designed to increase comfort for the operator by ventilating the body. It can be added or removed without diminishing the defensive capabilities of the plate carrier and only adding comfort to the operator.

Which armor plates are best to use with the FPC™?

The FPC™ is designed to work with all SAPI/ESAPI type or Shooters cut plates, with the recommendation to use STA (Stand Alone) type plates for an ideal balance. You can install ICW plates with enough space to install NIJ 0101.06 Type IIIa soft armor inserts.
Ideal plate thickness is between 0.7” (18mm) and 1.1” (28mm).
Make sure the size of the plate matches the size of the vest.
You may, if necessary, place smaller plates in larger vests, but this is not recommended both because of the lower protection area and the internal movement of the plate.

Can I install a chest rig and other gear to this vest?

You can install any type of chest rig or additional gear to this vest. But, to ensure the best performance, we recommend using only UARM™ gear.

Is it possible to use this vest with cummerbunds of different sizes?

As the vest is completely modular, it is possible to wear any size and type of cummerbund with any size of plate carrier.

FPC™ Featherweight Plate Carrier

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