Cover for FUHA™ Frontal Up Head Armor

Double your armor and protect what matters most

Designed to significantly increase your helmets' armor level.

This additional panel fits perfectly onto the front of HCBH™ and LCBH™. Protecting the front of your head from a ballistic threat this module is perfect for anyone who wants the highest level of helmet ballistic protection possible.

Adapt To Your Environment

Our helmet ballistic panels cover a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to explosive fragmentation – find which protection level suits your needs.

Easy Attachment

FUHA™ can be easily and quickly mounted to HCBH™ and LCBH™ helmets, via the frontal Velcro Mounting points. Despite its simplicity once properly attached this additional panel stays firmly in place. However, in the case of a projectile impact, this plate has been designed to break away from the helmet, helping reduce shock transfer.

Know Your Armor

Composed of a molded Teijin Twaron® aramid ballistic fabric, and protective hardshell exterior to handle impact and moisture. This design combination ensures superior durability and longevity in combat conditions.

Cover for FUHA™ Frontal Up Head Armor

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