EMC™ Elastic Magazine Cummerbund for MCVF™️


The one thing you can never have too much of - is ammo, so load up.

Add storage space for additional ammunition to your hook and loop vest with our magazine holder, capable of holding up to 6 rifle mags or 12 pistol mags. This massive storage potential and easy access ensures you always have ammo when you need it.


Constructed from a specialized heavy-duty elastic band, this magazine holder can stretch as you move. This allows for greater overall comfort, stretching as you run, breath and crouch – delivering maximum freedom of movement.

19 Dec 2021
Love this product. Use it on my Eagle LVAC, working plain clothes I need a vest that's discreet and yet holds a spare mag, cuffs, radio, phone. This fits all those needs and keeps things tight against my body. Just need one in Green now! Thanks.
30 Apr 2020
....ok, I have both, but I’m yet to find myself in Punisher mode to need 6 mags... I fill up my left side and know I’ll never be empty...
24 Feb 2020
MCV quickly becoming one of my favorite vests. It is generally light, flexes with the body, and taking it on and off is very easy, which is probably the main benefit

EMC™ Elastic Magazine Cummerbund for MCVF™️

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