ICW3USH™ Level III+ UHMWPE Shoulder


Protect yourself from all sides.

Our Type III+ shoulder plates are the perfect balance between weight and protection. ICW3USH™️ provides extended coverage to the upper body via the deltoid and covers the vital organs, protecting the operator from lateral impacts. Defend yourself from common handgun and rifle threats without sacrificing performance with this lightweight plate. Sold in pairs.

In Conjunction With Level IIIA insert
7.62×51 FMJ M80
5.56×45 FMJ M193
5.45×39 MSC 7N6 (AK-74)
7.62×39 MSC 57-N-231 (AK-47, AKM)

Tested in NIJ-accredited and DSTU certified laboratories independently.


Classified as an ICW (In Conjunction With) plate, to reach the highest protection level, this plate should be used in combination with NIJ 0101.06 Type IIIA soft-armor backbone. Utilizing the protection of said soft-armor, ICW plates can be made thinner and lighter than their stand-alone counterparts. Specifically for use in soft-armor lined vests/carriers, this plate helps you save weight, and increase mobility.


Our armor plates cover a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to high-powered rifles – find which protection level suits your needs.

Level III+ means that being independently tested, as well as protecting from all threats included in the NIJ 0101.06 Level III (7.62×51 M80) and all threats from lower levels (22 LR; 38 Special; Lower Velocity 357 Magnum; 9 mm; Higher Velocity 357 Magnum; 9 mm; 9×18 mm Makarov, 7.62×25 mm Tokarev; AK-47, AKM rifle rounds such as 7.62×39 FMJ), these plates will prevent penetration from AK-47, AK-74, AKM rifle rounds such as 7.62×39 57-N-231 Steel Core FMJ, 5.45×39 7N6 Steel Core FMJ.


Unlike traditional solutions, our ballistic plates are designed to absorb the kinetic kick delivered from a bulled by engulphing the projectile and simultaneously eliminating ricochet. This means you can keep fighting even after taking multiple hits.


Your armor could save your life, so know it like the back of your hand. Utilizing a unique UHMWPE molding technique, our ballistic plates backbones are on the bleeding edge of body armor – ensuring maximum durability and protection with the lowest weight.

ICW3USH™ Level III+ UHMWPE Shoulder

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