ALC™ Armored Laptop Case

A laptop case that protects you and your computer

We believe every inch of protection matters, which is why we've created a range of both functional and protective everyday items.

Our durable laptop case provides personal ballistic protection for you and everyday scratch protection for your computer. Incorporate this ballistic shield into your everyday life, ready to protect you at a moment’s notice.

Adapt To Your Environment

.44 Magnum 240 gr SJHP/SWC
.357 SIG 125/158 gr FMJ
7.62×25 Tokarev SJRN FNH
9×18 mm Makarov MSC

9 mm 50 gr Liberty Civil Defense
9 mm 127 gr Ranger SXT +P+
.45 ACP 230 gr TMJ
FN 5.7×28 40 gr SS197 / SS197SR / SS195LF
NIJ 0115.0 Level 2 P1 blade / S1 blade

Tested in NIJ-accredited and DSTU certified laboratories independently.

Moisture Resistant

A laptop case designed to protect you needed to offer some serious laptop protection too. A water-resistant zipper and IP41 rating keep your laptop safe from rain and dirt, shielding your computer from more conventional threats.

Everyday Armor

Our range of armored everyday items is designed to find the perfect balance between protection and functionality. Seamlessly disappearing into day to day life, you can forget about their ballistic properties until it matters most.

Materials matter

We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last – manufactured with a quality you can rely upon.

Stay Invisible

NIR (near-infrared) materials significantly reduce your detectable heat signature, aiding in camouflage from enemy night visioning systems. Blend into your environment and safely execute your mission without being detected.

Know Your Armor

Your armor could save your life, so know it like the back of your hand. Our soft armor is composed of lightweight, extremely flexible, and seriously durable UHMWPE – providing the perfect balance between protection and comfort.

02 Jul 2020
I do surveying so I need to place my computer on all kinds of surfaces. So far this case protected it from everything Washington weather had thrown at me 🌦️🌦️🌦️
Bono Jose
26 Apr 2020
they don’t let us carry vests into class, so this one here is my lifeline laptop fits perfectly and it even gives a bit more grip on the desk
23 Feb 2020
Took it on a whim because it looks cool 😎 Tested: will stop a 9mm!!!

ALC™ Armored Laptop Case

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