MCVF™ Modular Concealable Vest Female (Carrier)

The perfect balance between covert and customization

Mobility, comfort, and uncompromising performance lie at the core of our female-specific products.

Unlike the male or unisex options, our female vests are designed specifically women looking to armor up. Naturally sitting against the body MCVF™ allows for a full range of movement including rifle handling – enabling full functionality.

Adapt To Your Environment

Our soft armor panels cover a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to explosive fragmentation – find which protection level suits your needs.

Female Specific

MCVF™ is designed specifically for female users, so you can forget about the pitfalls or unixes or men-specific armor. Our unique design allows for a snug and secure fit without applying unwanted chest pressure.

Advanced Protection

You never know where your enemy’s bullet or blast fragments will impact, so protect yourself from all angles. Optional intestine, lower back, and cummerbund armor modules provide additional protection without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

Limitless Gear Placement

Made from reinforced velcro panels, the surface of MCVF™ allows you to secure equipment wherever you need it, quickly and regardless of orientation. Easily adapt your rig to the mission at hand with greater customization than ever before.

Stay Undetected

An RFID shielded cummerbund pocket isolates your electronic devices from the outside world, instantly severing GSM, GPS, BTE, and WiFi connection. Block enemy tracking methods or simply stay focused on the task at hand with this essential feature.

Super-Efficient Ventilation

Engineered to provide maximum comfort, MCV™ utilized breathable materials and padded panels – allowing for maximum breathability and airflow. This careful attention to design helps you stay comfortable around the clock, letting you focus on the mission at hand.

Materials Matter

We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last and manufactured with a quality you can rely on.

18 Jun 2020
my regular issue vest was killing me, so this came as a blessing this one is light, comfortable and I can wear a jacket over it not problem
02 Apr 2020
The fact I can wear my magazines on the vest and not the belt is awesome. The fit is good and the whole vest is lighter than my last model.
04 Jan 2020
Fierce 💯! I wear it in the family store, and it adds a lot to authority))))

MCVF™ Modular Concealable Vest Female (Carrier)

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