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SA4B™ Level IV Boron Carbide SAPI

The lightest hard armor with the highest protection level. Period

Toughest armor there is, used for stopping everything the enemy can throw at you

Advanced Silicone Carbide ceramic composite with UHMWPE can stop literally every rifle caliber 7.62 / .308 and under while still staying relatively light and remarkably comfortable.

Adapt To Your Environment

7.62×63 AP M2
7.62×54 API B-32 (Dragunov)

5.56×45 M855A1
5.56×45 M855/SS109
7.62×54 MSC LPS (Dragunov)
5.45×39 AP 7N10 (AK-74)
7.62×39 API BZ (AK-47, AKM)
7.62×39 MSC M43 (AK-47, AKM)
7.62×63 JSP

Tested in NIJ-accredited and DSTU certified laboratories independently.

Shock Absorption

Unlike traditional solutions, our ballistic plates are designed to absorb the kinetic kick delivered from a bullet by engulphing the projectile – simultaneously eliminating ricochet. This means you can keep fighting even after taking multiple hits.

Advanced Armor Materials

Your armor could save your life, so know it like the back of your hand. Utilizing a unique UHMWPE molding technique and super-strong Silicone Carbide ceramic this ballistic plate backbone is on the bleeding edge of body armor. This heavy-duty material combination ensures maximum durability and protection.

Stay Lightweight

Despite offering uncompromising protection, this armor plate maintains a thickness of only 0.94” and a weight of 5.6 lbs (S size). These impressive standards put less strain on the body, helping reduce the weight of your rig and increase mobility.

Stay Intact

When struck by a bullet the ceramic elements shatters into potentially dangerous fragments, absorbing kinetic energy in the process. To combat this our plates incorporate a special polyurethane coating, ensuring all-ceramic fragments remail safely contained and helping absorb additional shock.

Multi-curve Design

Designed to mimic the human body, our 3D Multi-Curved design incorporates both horizontal and verticle curvature. The results in better overall comfort, mobility, and weight distribution – making your vest feel lighter and more accommodating.


  • 1.Priced per plate
  • 2.Edge-to-edge ceramic coverage
  • 3.Optimal balance between the highest protection/weight/affordability
  • 4.Highest level of protection under NIJ 0101.06 and other global standards
  • 5.Protection against high-penetration rounds including 7.62×63 AP M2, 7.62×54 API B-32 (Dragunov), 5.56×45 M855A1
  • 6.Lightweight and ergonomic (5.6 lbs for S)
  • 7.SAPI/ESAPI cut with 4 sizes
  • 8.Advanced lightweight composite of Boron Carbide and UHMWPE
  • 9.3D multi-curved body shaped
  • 10.Can be used for both the chest and the back
  • 11.Available as STA (Stand Alone) and ICW (in conjunction with) design
  • 12.Same composite is available as side plates and shoulder plates
  • 13.Multi-hit capability for over 3 shots
  • 14.Independently tested in an NIJ-accredited laboratory for NIJ Standard 0101.06, as well as certified laboratories according to DSTU 8835:2019 against Soviet/Russian ammunition. NIJ test report


Are prices listed for a single plate?

This allows you to choose different plates for the front and the back, as well as order multiple plates from the setting screen.

What is the advantage of SA4S™ over other UARM™ plates?

The SA4S™ offers the highest possible body armor protection level while simultaneously being the lightest in its class.

How do I determine the size of the armor plate?

By measuring your chest circumference.

With standard sizes (S, M, L, XL), it is made to cover your lethal zones on the torso (heart, lungs, kidneys) without extending further due to weight. To make the correct choice, you can use the Size Chart in the Tech Specs or the Determine Size at the settings screen on the top of the page.

How many hits in a row can a single armor plate withstand?

Armor plates are tested under the NIJ standard to withstand up to 6 consecutive hits. While that number can be greater, we can’t guarantee that result.

Is it possible to use an armor plate that has been hit by a bullet?

It is not recommended.
You may continue operations with a damaged armor plate due to composite materials that, when damaged, only a tight zone of the armor fails. Undamaged zones still offer ballistic protection. However, you will need to replace the armor plate after the mission as further use is prohibited.

Does the armor plate experience the backface deformation effect?


As well as any armor plate, the SA4S™ has some backface deformation. You can always use the EVV™ Exchangeable Vest Ventilation that reduces such effect to virtually zero by simultaneously improving comfort.

What is the shelf life of armor plates?

Officially, 5 years.
The date is calculated from the manufacturing label on the back of the plate. While good maintenance and handling can preserve the plate ballistic capabilities for longer, we will only guarantee five years from manufacturing.

Do armor plates lose their protective properties after expiration?

Not instantly.
Due to chemical processes and oxidation occurring inside the composite material, the anti-ballistic capabilities of the armor plate will slowly deteriorate over time. After five years, we no longer guarantees the same level of protection and you should renew your plates as soon as possible.

Are the same plates used for the front and the back?

The UARM™ SA4S™ hard plates are ergonomically designed to fit equally good on the front and on the back.

Why is the weight of the armor important?

Especially over extended missions, every pound counts. Because the SA4S is significantly lighter than the alternatives, that weight can be used for other types of gear such as ammo or med-packs, or serve to lighten the load in general and make the operator more agile and less fatigued over time.
Finally, lighter gear reduces the medical impact of carrying heavy loads on the spine and lower back, reducing the chance of chronic pain and injury.

Is it NIJ Certified?

This product has been independently tested in NIJ-accredited laboratories according to the NIJ Standard 0101.06, as well as certified laboratories according to the according to DSTU 8782:2018. against Soviet/Russian ammunition.

SA4B™ Level IV Boron Carbide SAPI

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