WCCA™ Weightless Clavicle Carrier Assistance

Part of a state-of-the-art security system designed specifically to increase operator productivity and endurance

The ergonomic weightless design will allow you to transport even more gear without losing
mobility. Its easy access to accessories and fully-adjustable design, combined with its cutting-edge
NIR materials, and lightweight MIL-SPEC design, meet the challenges of today’s battlefield.

Shoulder straps

You can use our warbelts as a standalone product, but you can also use the shoulder elements to distribute weight more effectively and increase operator productivity.

You have two sets of shoulder elements to choose from: lightweight (thin) for use under the bulletproof vest / plate carrier, or reinforced with a damper insert for use without the bulletproof vest / plate carrier on top.


We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last – manufactured with a quality you can rely upon.


NIR (near-infrared) materials significantly reduce your detectable heat signature, aiding in camouflage from enemy night-vision systems. Blend into your environment and safely execute your mission without being detected.

02 Jun 2020
They took about two weeks to arrive, but apart from that no complaints

WCCA™ Weightless Clavicle Carrier Assistance

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