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The medic is usually the most important guy (or girl) you have on the squad, and a good medic is worth their weight in gold. When the strategy was faulty, tactics fail, and a bullet finds a way through your gear, they are the ones patching you up and turn all of that into an exciting story, and not a tragic one. A field medic’s specialized gear consists of two parts. On the front, they will carry a first aid kit to patch, clean, and fasten wounds and cuts. But, on the back, there will be their medical backpack. This backpack has all of the gear that is hopefully not necessary that often but can be the difference of life and death if extraordinary situations happen. An average medical backpack will contain:
  • Stethoscope (dual-head)
  • Blood pressure cuff set
  • Aluminum splint
  • Trauma dressings 
  • Cervical collar
  • Glucose gel
  • Umbilical clamps
  • Roller gauze
  • Waterproof adhesive tape
  • Triangular bandages
  • Alcohol pads
  • Burn gel dressing
  • Nasal cannula
  • Manual suction unit
  • Airway kit
  • Connective tubing
  • Bag-valve Mask
  • Oxygen ‘’D’’ cylinder
  • Oxygen Regulator 
  • Non-rebreather mask
  • Resuscitation mask (single-way valve)
As you may notice, this is quite a number of items, and they need to be accessed quickly when the time comes. If you want to buy a good medical backpack, you will need to look for something that will clearly separate multiple items and allow for the access you need. Thankfully, there are such bags for sale, and due to the new manufacturing processes, they are very durable and have a similar price as a regular assault backpack.

Advantages of a Medical Backpack

There are three main advantages that separate a medical backpack from any other rucksack. They are faster and easier to open, always resistant to elements, and have a much slimmer profile. Also, if needed, a medical backpack can have vibrant colors so that you can see the medical team easily from the air. These models are not often used for combat missions but are the norm when it comes to naval forces and maritime security services. Finally, these backpacks are made to allow for maximum mobility for the medic while on the back and in the hand. The handles are made to allow the medic to remove the pack from their back and slide into action with the pack in front of them. This feature also allows for medical backpacks to be thrown without any fear that the handle would let go and make you miss your mark.

Medical Backpack vs. Assault Backpack

Dedicated assault backpacks look fairly similar to medical packs on the outside, but have significant differences overall. Primarily, non-medical army and police members don’t need to care that much about the contents of their pack shifting and moving. Usually, it will contain either ammo reloads or essential survival equipment, which are both very durable to most conditions. Lastly, while most high-quality assault backpacks will be water-resistant, medical backpacks will offer internal resistance to moisture, heat, and other elements that may affect how the kid inside will act. They are also dust-proof and have materials that are resistant to contaminants.

How to Choose the Right Medical Backpack?

The first point will always be the question if your medical gear can fit inside the pack. While slight stuffing can be solved with pouches and relegating something to the first aid kit, you don’t want to have to carry a duffle bag together with your medical backpack. If there is a lot of gear, it may be even better to opt for a larger non-medical pack than to compromise the tools. Then, you must make sure that the contents are easily visible when you open the bag and accessible without disturbing other contents. Pushing things to the side isn’t an issue, but you don’t want to be taking out anything that isn’t needed. Finally, the pack must be resistant to elements. It shouldn’t absorb water or leave cracks on the sides. Even if every item is individually wrapped in plastic, you don’t want the bag to be filling with contaminants on the inside.

Where to Buy Medical Military Backpacks?

Thankfully, with the rise of demand for security services raised the need for combat medics and their gear. This means that now it is easy to buy good medical backpacks, pouches, and kits online. While the price of a medical backpack is more than a regular one, usually surpassing couple hundred dollars, these options are well worth it in the field.
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