APV™ Armored Puffer Vest

Invisible, warm and functional armor for all

Resembling a classic puffer jacket, our armored vest hides in plain view – appearing wholly unremarkable to the outside world.

Developed to seamlessly blend into life in both form and function, APV™ is the perfect everyday armor solution. Offering protection from handguns and fragmentation, this vest keeps you shielded from the cold and protected from ballistic threats.

Adapt To Your Environment

Our soft armor panels cover a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to explosive fragmentation – find which protection level suits your needs.

TRULY Concealed Vest

A specially designed Velco-lined pocket fitted with a universal holster lets you carry a pistol undetected. Furthermore, the placement allows you to discreetly hold your weapon at the ready – combining both passive and active concealed protection.

Superior Comfort

A dual zipper allows for partial opening of the vest from top and bottom – delivering greater comfort when driving or sitting so you never need to take your vest off.

Stay Invisible

You never know when danger strikes, so we’ve created stylish ballistic armor for usage every day and everywhere. Resembling a down vest hoodie, the APV™ vest blends seamlessly into everyday life, hiding in direct view – it’s as covert as it gets.

Know Your Armor

Your armor could save your life, so know it like the back of your hand. Our soft armor is composed of lightweight, extremely flexible, and seriously durable UHMWPE – providing the perfect balance between protection and comfort.

Materials Matter

We follow MIL-SPEC standards to ensure uncompromising functionality, durability, and longevity in combat conditions. Our products are built to last and manufactured with a quality you can rely on.


  • 1.Appearance identical to a modern monochrome Hoodie
  • 2.Balanced weight with ergonomic fitting
  • 3.Durable and adaptable with advanced materials and expert craftsmanship
  • 4.Compatible with all belts and holsters
  • 5.Compatible with all plate carriers
  • 6.Covert rifle protection possible with WPC™ Weightless Plate Carrier
  • 7.Soft armor protection provided by UHMWPE panels of NIJ 0101.06: IIa, II, and IIIa
  • 8.Independently tested in an NIJ-accredited laboratory for NIJ Standard 0101.06, as well as NATO Stanag 2920 (V50 fragmentation) and certified laboratories according to DSTU 8835:2019 against Soviet/Russian ammunition. NIJ test report

Tech specs

Ballistic performance


.44 Magnum 240 gr SJHP/SWC
.357 SIG 125/158 gr FMJ
7.62×25 Tokarev SJRN FNH
9 mm 50 gr Liberty Civil Defense
9 mm 127 gr Ranger SXT +P+
.45 ACP 230 gr TMJ
FN 5.7×28 40 gr SS197
5.7×28 SS197SR
5.7×28 SS195LF

Type II

9 mm 124 gr FMJ RN
.357 Magnum 158 gr JSP
9×18 mm Stechkin MSC

Type IIA

9 mm 124 gr FMJ RN
.40 S&W 180 gr FMJ
9×18 mm Makarov MSC

Use trauma pad to reduce BFD <44mm


This product has been independently tested by an NIJ-approved laboratory according to the NIJ Standard 0106.01, and also in certified laboratories according to STANAG 2920 (V50 fragmentation) and DSTU 8835:2019 against Soviet/Russian ammunition
NIJ test report

Bo Krstitz
15 Dec 2020
I admit I’m not much of a vest or guns guy, so take this with a grain of salt. Vancouver has becoming quite rough in the last few years and I wanted something discreet for protection. This vest is ideal because I can be protected without alarming other people when I walk by.
Jeb Culling
04 Dec 2020
Thankfully, Pocatello was always a peaceful town and we ain’t seeing much of this ruckus that’s happening over the country. Still, it’s nice to be prepared when taking visitors on trekking up Old Tom or Fort Hall without needing to pull out my Army MOLLE.
Zach Carooha
01 Dec 2020
I work at a really turisty place and while there aren’t a lot of attacks there have been some from really bad customers that don’t want to behave so I like having this vest that can protect me without needing to take all of my clothes to take off the seacret vest.


Is it possible to wash the APV™

You will need to remove the ballistic panels, as they are not washable. Once they are out, it is completely possible to machine-wash the shirt and dry it as you would with regular clothing. Return the ballistic panel inside only once the shirt is dry.

Is it possible to use a single set of armor with two APV™?

If you need ballistic protection regularly, buying multiple shirts and a single ballistic panel would be advisable. That way, you can wear a new clean shirt every day without needing a dedicated panel for each one.

How to choose my perfect fit size?

By measuring your chest and waist.
Your perfect fit is a combination of the size of the plate and the cummerbund. For that, you will need to measure your chest and waist and can then get an ideal combination.
At the top of the page, there is a Size Chart where you can select the option Determine Size, showing you which size will fit your requirements.

Is it NIJ Certified?

This product has been independently tested in NIJ-accredited laboratories according to the NIJ Standard 0101.06, as well as certified laboratories according to NATO STANAG 2920 (V50 fragmentation) and DSTU 8782:2018 against Soviet/Russian ammunition.

Is it possible to install hard plates inside APV™?

If you want to stay covert while adding protection against rifles, you will need to use a low-profile plate carrier like the WPC™ Weightless Plate Carrier. In such a combination, you can still wear almost any type of clothes over your armor without it being noticeable.

APV™ Armored Puffer Vest

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