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HCBH™ High Cut Balistic Helmet
HCBH™ was designed to define the cutting edge of ballistic helmet technology.
The robust shell, modern suspension system, and accessory compatibility make HCBH™ High Cut Balistic Helmet a truly functional and protective tool ready for any mission.
Product features
Match Your Threat
Our ballistic helmets cover a wide range of ballistic threats from handguns to explosive fragmentation – find which protection level suits your needs.
We've Got You Covered
Expandable Protection Area
Devoted to delivering maximum protection, our HCBH™ is uniquely compatible with specifically designed up-armor modules – a revolutionary feature. Optional temporal or frontal armor modules increase your protection area or level – allowing you to adapt to any threat level.
Modularity Matters
Customize Your Rig
HCBH™ High Cut Balistic Helmet was designed to enable maximum equipment compatibility/customization. An improved front mount keeps NVGs/Cameras/Lights secure while side rails provide mounting points for a massive range of tactical equipment – making the HCBH™ ready for any mission.
Comfortable, Convenient, Safe
Mission Ready
Adjust your helmet quickly via the modern HCBH™ suspension system. The single rear-facing crank allows for single-handed tightening – securing the helmet so effectively it virtually eliminated the need for a chin buckle.
Customize and Care
Find Your Fit
Double layered padding is connected to the helmet via Velcro, allowing you to arrange individual pads to create the perfect fit. We also include a replacement set of pads so you can replace damp pads or repair any damage.
Be Prepared
Functional Extras
Supporting a large range of specially defined accessories, HCBH™ can be adapted to easily fit any rig and mission. From camouflage covers to ballistic goggles, this helmet is ready to adapt to your needs.
It's your best friend
Know Your Armor
Your armor could save your life, so know it like the back of your hand. Composed of a molded Teijin Twaron® aramid ballistic fabric, and protective hardshell exterior to handle impact and moisture. This design combination ensures superior durability and longevity in combat conditions.


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HCBH™ High Cut Ballistic Helmet
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