March 02, 2023
The armor industry, like most other sectors, is rapidly developing armor that is
lighter, durable, and smaller. This allows you to be discrete, agile, covert, and
flexible. As a secret operative, rogue intelligence officer, or FBI agent, you can
disguise yourself during your next Mission Impossible to intercept the delivery of
Novichok, Polonium 210, or some other type of chemical agent. Become better
prepared than your adversaries.

So What is Bulletproof Clothing?

Bulletproof clothing is armor built into everyday clothes like jackets, shirts, and
suits. The fact is: bigger is not always better when it comes to armor. You want to
maintain a low profile while still being protected. It is even conceivable that
bulletproof armor may be the armor of the future as it becomes more efficient and
accessible. Also, in 96% of cases, handguns are used to shoot people in the United
States. It is also worth mentioning that in some countries, where guns are mostly
banned, such as Australia and the United Kingdom, there is a high rate of murders
by stabbing; hence, bulletproof clothing offers viable protection from a variety of

Is it legal to have bulletproof clothing?

In the United States, bulletproof clothing is generally legal, unless you are a
convicted felon. In many other countries, a license is needed to purchase and wear
bulletproof clothing. This is because body armor is generally perceived as being
connected with criminal culture in many countries. However, in the internet age,
bulletproof clothing is readily available for purchase in most parts of the world.

Level of Protection

Bulletproof clothing is predominantly soft armor, providing Level 2 and 3 protection.
This is generally adequate for the majority of threats in a dangerous urban
environment. In fact, it is the difference between life and death.

Why do people need armor clothes?

Ultimately, it is better to be safe than sorry. It is better to come home sweaty than
dead or critically injured. Different situations require different measures. Ideally, the
best way to avoid bodily harm is to avoid danger altogether. However, this is not
always possible, so bulletproof clothing lets you stay protected and look like a
civilian at the same time.

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