February 17, 2023

How to Choose the Best Vest in 2023

In most industries, there are constantly new products and models that hit the market every year. Choosing a product is often overwhelming because of the sheer quantity of choices in the modern marketplace. Choosing a vest is no different. Also, your ultimate decision should depend on how you intend to use your vest. Do you need something lighter and inconspicuous to protect you from small-arms fire?

Do you need a heavier vest, with a larger protection area, to protect you from shelling? To what extent do you want to remain discrete? In any case, it is worth considering that changes continually occur in the armor industry as global threats continue to evolve, technological developments occur in materials science (new light-weight and increasingly durable materials hit markets), and new armor is produced that appeals to buyers in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and/or cost. Issues like comfort can not be overstated if you consider that vests are worn nearly 24/7 in war zones. Thus, you do not want to be stuck with an unnecessarily heavy or uncomfortable vest. Image is also essential: you are only as strong as you look and as tough as you are perceived by your adversary. Hence, “street cred” goes a long way in warfare, especially in the digital age.

  Why Buy a Vest from UARM?

UARM offers products that are battlefield tested, comfortable, and reasonably priced. Simply put, no product can be considered “tried and tested” until it has been perfected on the modern battlefield in real combat settings, involving snow, rain, heat, and crowded conditions (inside tanks, trenches, bunkers, etc.). Moreover, UARM has gained valuable experience in the war in Ukraine.

We’ve evaluated our product’s performance in countering bullets, debris, and various fragmentation, and continually work to optimize our product line based on our results and the feedback from clients. This type of critical assessment is invaluable. Given that the majority of manufacturers mass produce armor in far-away Asian factories for international buyers, they are often far removed or uninterested in the performance of their equipment. The generally produce one model and then move on to the next model without any particular emphasis on quality or performance. Alternatively, our company maintains close relationships with clients, maintains the integrity of the supply chain, manufactures the vests ourselves, and ensures the final product is amazing, producing unprecedented results on the battlefield.

  Which Models are Hot?

  – The SC™ Skeletal Cummerbund for FRPC™/FPC™ can be yours for small price of $95. Our skeletal cummerbund is the perfect solution for anyone chasing a lighter rig that can be quickly upgraded. Its robust construction and MOLLE compatibility make it a fierce upgrade for any UARM™ plate carrier. Its advanced load management technology allows for distributing weight away from the shoulders without impairing breathing – even in physically challenging situations.

  -The WPC™ Weightless Plate Carrier is listed at a competitive $106. Weighing less than a typical smartphone, this carrier is perfect for covert missions, undercover assignments, and open combat. Its specially designed elastic system lets you carry heavier loads while staying comfortable.

  -The AC™ Armored Cummerbund for LPC™/FPC™ is offered at an unbeatable $135. It is an exceptionally cost-effective means to increase your coverage area, offering additional hard and soft ballistic protection, robust construction, and MOLLE compatibility.

  -The MCVF™ Modular Concealable Vest Female can be yours for a bullet-dropping $229. This product offers the perfect balance between remaining covert, and the ability to customize, while ensuring mobility, comfort, and uncompromising performance. It offers protection from bullet and blast fragments, while maintaining top quality and super-efficient ventilation.

  -The UCV™ Universal Concealable Vest is offered at a gun-dropping $353. This is designed for those seeking a comfortable, inconspicuous, and classic concealed vest. It is well suited for security, police, and bodyguards. Moreover, it features a large area of soft armor protection, ensuring maximum protection without compromising mobility.

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