February 13, 2023

Why add a CAT™ Covert Armored T-Shirt to Your Arsenal?     

Altough there are a lot of different armor and bulletproof systems on the market, not all are realistic for everyday life. Many armor systems are often bulky, conspicuous, noticeable, and uncomfortable. It is important to remember that using visible armor or taking extreme security measures can often raise your profile, which may not always be in your best interest. Attention can often prove costly, and get in the way of the actual mission being accomplished. Armored T-Shirt offers a different approach to security, offering a low-key element for law enforcement, businessmen, or even ordinary citizens alike seeking to keep a low profile, while still remaining protected.

Uniqueness of This Product

The versatility of an armored t-shirt is unmatched. It can be particularly inconspicuous in winter environments where a heavy jacket conceals all that is underneath. In the summer, you could conceal them with a hoodie, long sleeve shirt, or sweater in the evening. With this shirt, you could attend an event where the threat level is unknown, but likely elevated, such as at a protest, riot, or other spontaneous situation that could potentially get out of control. Additionally, the shirt would be perfect in a setting where you have a potentially dangerous meeting to resolve a heated question, such as meeting with an unstable person, discussing a heated issue, or engaging in an unpredictable confrontation. Though an armored t-shirt cannot protect from all types of firearm threats, the majority of crimes are committed with knives and low-caliber handguns, which this product can viably address. For all these situations, you have to be prepared, and this product will prepare you. Later, you never want to say, “I should have taken this threat more seriously.” The fact is that you can take steps now to prepare for all scenarios. For those who think a few steps ahead, the CAT™ Covert Armored T-Shirt remains a logical choice.

Benefits of This Product

This product expands the protection area with armor inserts offering the maximum possible area of protection for the operator. The soft armor panels cover a wide range of ballistic threats, from handguns to explosive fragmentation. Also, the innovative design allows the operator to stay clean and comfortable for prolonged periods, utilizing special antibacterial and moisture-wicking fabrics. This ensures that you can keep your ballistic armor on throughout a deployment – keeping your guard up at all times. Furthermore, the Armored T-Shirt offers wide armor coverage (M size is 122.5 in² / 790 cm²), ergonomic fitting, a stellar appearance, durability and adaptability with advanced materials and expert craftsmanship, and compatibility with all belts and holsters. Hence, it offers a multi-faceted approach to security that makes it a must-buy for clients worldwide who want to live long and prosper.

Protection with Style

It is important to understand that many VIPS are often image-obsessed . It is not always about safety but rather about the perception of strength and maintaining a certain image. The CAT™ Covert Armored T-Shirt allows security personnel and their VIP masters to still look stylish, but remain protected. Also, this product will not take away from the versatility of the security team to perform other tasks, such as remaining undercover and discrete as their job might entail.   In this manner, operators can create a James Bond image of sophistication with some serious “street cred,” while also keeping things “on the low,” both of which will undoubtedly keep the bad guys far away. Hence, purchasing this item will boost your image, keep you safe, and allow you to “fake it till you make it.” You will be able to carry yourself with confidence and pride, turning previously terrifying confrontations into leisurely chit-chats.

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