February 23, 2023
How to Choose Armor Plates?

  Choosing a plate is not like choosing milk or cookies at the local supermarket. While in marriage, you might get a second chance after a nasty divorce, warfare is not so forgiving. It’s kill or be killed! Ultimately, choosing a plate carrier and the optimal plates for it will become the difference between life and death. If you make the wrong choice, nasty projectiles will get the best of you, and unfortunately, the GAME IS OVER! Therefore, you have to research what type of threats you might face, select the appropriate plate, and go about your business accordingly.

  Plates must offer the adequate level of protection and fit within plate carriers harmoniously to create the perfect cut, fit, and style, that defines you as a combatant. Are you going to have to fend off fragmentation and/or military-grade assault rifle rounds in the trenches of Eastern Ukraine, or are you going to dodge bullets from handguns while roaming the streets of Chicago? Are you looking to be noticed, or are you covert?

  These all factor into what specific plate carrier you should purchase. Over the course of time, upgrading is not optional, it is essential. You have to stay ahead of the game and remain abreast of different trends in the industry. In any case, the goal is to maintain superiority over your enemies, both real and perceived, providing you with a competitive advantage over, and making you the real “top dawg.”

  Why Buy Armor Plates From UARM?

  Undoubtedly, there are a lot of plates on the market, each with their pros and cons, unique price points, and particularities. What sets UARM apart is the fact that its products have been used in battlefield conditions, defending against vicious ground and mortar assaults from zealous fighters. In the process, UARM has gained vital experience into perfecting its plates. In short, UARM’s production line is durable, lightweight, comfortable, customizable, aesthetic, and tough.

  The company is also committed to research and development, ensuring that its plates are made with state-of-the-art components that are light, comfortable, and highly functional. Hence, UARM offers a “tried and tested” opportunity to protect yourself and resemble a modern-day Rambo. All of the products smoothly customize with other soft panels and accessories to make you the toughest and most protected person around for sure. Above all else, UARM is committed to keeping you alive so you can live life to the fullest.

  What Specific UARM Products Should You Buy?

  SA4S™ Level IV Silicon Carbide SAPI offers the toughest armor there is, used for stopping everything the enemy can throw at you for a limited offer of $379.

  SA3AU™ Level IIIA UHMWPE SAPI is remarkably lightweight and comfortable, ideal for lightning-fast urban missions. It is priced at a reasonable $142.

  SA3U™ Level III UHMWPE SAPI offers protection from advanced UHMWPE composite, including ballistic protection from the most common types of small arms fire and fragmentation at the lowest possible weight. It can be yours for $313.

  ICW4S™ Level IV+ Silicon Carbide SAPI is made from Silicon Carbide ceramic composites bonding with UHMWPE. It can even stop high-penetration rounds while remaining incredibly light and comfortable. It’s listed price is $315.

  ICW3U™ Level III+ UHMWPE SAPI is specially designed from advanced UHMWPE composites. This highly-performing plate, in conjunction with soft armor panels, offers ballistic protection from common types of projectiles, weighing 12% less than the stand-alone alternative. The shape mimics the chest and the back curvature, providing optimal comfort. It costs $287.

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