February 10, 2021
Since the time when the first military parade passed through an ancient city somewhere in the Middle East, military apparel has become popular in fashion. While this is completely acceptable for civilians, those who wish to find tactical pants to wear with their combat boots will need to look deeper. It may be undeniable that combat boots and pants look cool, but for a wide variety of security-focused and intensive jobs, you will need real tactical boots and pants that improve your mobility and tactical capacity. When selecting pants to go with your boots you will need to match three things:
  1. Protection against elements
  2. Durability
  3. Maximum mobility
Also, while matching colors may seem vain and fashion-focused, it will become an operational requirement if you are using the color scheme for camouflage. Finally, there is something about the presentation. Even if you are on the battlefield it is good for the enemy to see you in full gear with everything matching and meticulously maintained. Then, while they are dazzled, make sure that your shiny uniform is the last thing they see.

Tactical Pants with Combat Boots

First of all, we will need to deal with what both combat boots and combat pants are meant for. If the name wasn’t a giveaway, it is combat.  This requires a lot more durable materials and greater concerns for safety than any other activity. Because real combat boots are heavier and more robust than their fashion-focused cousins, the pants that will accompany these boots need to be as tough. But, any type of tactical pants also need to be flexible and to allow the wearer to jump, climb, run, and crawl without any issues. Because of this, a high dose of elasticity is necessary when it comes to combat pants. Ideally, your choice should be layered to have thermal and hydro protection on the bottom and a durable layer on the top to protect the fabric from tearing.

Using a War Belt

In most situations, tactical boots and pants will be used with a war belt. Because of this, the pants don’t need to have too many pockets. For balance, much of the gear should be relegated to the belt. But, an operator should always have at least one pair of pockets to hold some small items that they can’t hold in their hand for the moment. For soldiers in the field, this will usually be the preferred location to keep personal items as well.

Compliment Protection from the Elements

Tactical combat clothes are not anti-ballistic and won’t protect from any type of projectile, nor is that their purpose. What they need to do is protect from the elements. When combining boots and pants it is essential for them to have the same type of protection and the same degree of thermal regulation. If you have one piece of clothing that cools and another that heats up you will be left with aches all over your body. Thankfully, these characteristics are easy to figure out and you won’t be prone to missing the type of pants you need with your boots.

Civilian Pants with Combat Boots

Combat boots are known for their style, but also for their comfort and durability. This is why a wide range of civilian operators prefer wearing these boots when they work. Combat boots shine when used in the field, especially against unfavorable elements. But, unlike in combat situations, you won’t be asked to crawl through mud and gunfire at a civilian job, as that is an OSHA violation. That is why you can go with something even more comfortable and less expensive. A good pair of jeans worn on the inside of the boot will solve most of the problems. And, if you are working in extreme cold you can always wear a base layer such as a heat locker under your pants.

Medical Teams and Rescue Missions

Medical response teams are often seen as non-combat roles. But, the nature of the job requires everyone to react quickly and to be as maneuverable as possible, even in civilian situations. Because of such requirements, it is much wiser to go with regular tactical pants used by the military than anything from the civilian lineup. This will keep the operator protected and healthy while they are trying to keep others alive.

Aiming for Fashion

Although we frequently hear about fashion victims, it seems that this is a figure of speech and that those with mismatched pants and boots are not really dying from hypothermia. This leaves the choices for the fashionable wearing of combat apparel much wider. Generally, the main rule in this regard is the rule of cool. Judging by popular blogs, wearing washed jeans with black combat boots is all the rage today. But, as these choices don’t include a plate carrier and lack any easy placement for a concealed carry we can’t be certain about the effectiveness.

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